Health Bulletin - Build Up Your Bodily Resistence

By building up your bodily resistance you can fight infections which are inevitable in the second half of your life after you turn up 50 years.Our bloodstream is the river of life which nourishes every part of our body. Blood stream is a two way river - one is arterial blood stream carrying nourishment along with oxygen for its utilisation by the body cells and the other is venous blood stream which removes carbon dioxide and other waste matter from our body cells. Believe it or not this Blood Stream RIVER in the body is more than 60000 miles long. For proper nourishment of every organ in our body ,the arterial blood stream must contain essential Daily Supply of Nutrients. PROTEIN,containing all essential amino acids, is the main nutrient which can produce its own ARMY of antibodies and cells which destroy bacteria and viruses invading our body. High protein diet can improve by one hundred times the producing of ANTIBODIES within a week and we may not need antibiotics to fight infections and viruses as our defence mechanism will be strong enough to fight.  In addition to PROTEIN we need Vitamin A and Vitamin C for building up bodily resistance and to fight infections. Vitamin A is found in all yellow and green vegetables and fruits,butter and cream. Vitamin A can be supplemented by taking fish liver oil capsules (25000 to 50000 units) immediately after meals. Fish liver oil capsules are available in the market without prescription.If Vitamin A is taken in excess say up to 100000 units ,it is not harmful and it is stored by the body system for future protection. By taking Vit A as above and Vitamin C tablets (500 mg per day) for 60 days ,before COLD WINTER season sets on, one can ward off troublesome infections such as cough, cold, sore throat ,sneezing etc.We shall be discussing how to prevent infections and and other problems faced by body's main ORGANS.
DISCLAIMER:  Our articles are in no way alternative to your physicians' advice. It is an effort to preventive health care by food supplements by enhancing your Bodily Resistance so called STRONG IMMUNITY.

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