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The organs of our body can function properly and stay young and healthy only if inflow of life giving arterial blood to the organs and the outflow of waste venous blood is uninterrupted and balanced. When the circulation in any organ is thrown out of order due to retarded venous outflow, the cells of that organ do not get their share of nutrition and oxygen. The organs starve and their capacity to resist bacterial poisons and germs is reduced and organs fall prey to disease. As such the interruption in the outflow of waste venous blood is the root cause of poor arterial blood supply to the organs.  Disturbance of any organ's blood circulation can be due to one and the same cause that is venous congestion. One of the major reasons can be infected veins as focal primary infections of teeth and tonsils spread their toxicity via small connecting veins to jugular vein and from their to the rest of the body, especially the veins of the legs. To correct the inflamed veins of the legs pressure bandages are applied and in the olden days since the dawn of history - the Leech (Hindi meaning Jonk Lagana) therapy was used to draw venous blood so as     to  get rid of toxic blood from the venous veins. Here it is am amazing story of 1960's about the horse named SILENT, an Australian race horse  who broke down in a race. One day the horse was standing in a Leech infested swamp and many leeches climbed to his legs and the horse developed a liking for the leeches to suck its venous blood from the veins in the legs. In a short time the horse began to show marked improvement in health. What a Horse Sense ! the horse turned into a Winner in the Horse Race. Improve the blood circulation, get rid of toxins and wastes in the body and see miracles to happen.

DISCLAIMER:  Our articles are in no way alternative to your physicians' advice. It is an educational effort for preventive health care by food supplements by enhancing your Bodily Resistance so called STRONG IMMUNITY as prevalent from the dawn of the history in ancient times on which research work and scholarly articles are available on the world wide web.

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