Health Tips - Introcuction to antioxidants

Why the South Koreans ,Chinese,United States players pick up Gold Medals is Olympics ? Mainly due to their diet which keeps them fit and strong. We shall be discussing as to how to maintain Body's Immune System to fight against Ageing Process.

Anti oxidants are the most essentials for slowing down the ageing process. Take the example of iron bars or rods bearing all the seasons rains, sunny days, winter etc. Iron gets oxidized to form Rust (Iron oxide) and this process is called oxidation .To save the iron from rust we paint it with enamel and rust proof primers. Similarly our Body is exposed to polluted air, polluted water and scorching sun under Global Warming atmosphere.Our Body gets rusted (oxygen radicals) that is we are ageing faster than ever before and we need Antioxidants to save our Body from rusting or we may call it ageing. Antioxidants that act to detoxify oxygen radicals that have been linked to body cell degeneration and ageing. It has been suggested that vitamin and micro nutrient deficiencies may be responsible for some aspects of human ageing.

Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium are some of the antioxidants. Nutritious diet can supply all the Vitamins and Minerals required to boost immunity and remain healthy. 

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